Open Entry: NZ 3000m Championships and One Mile/100m Handicap Events

Entry to international events is subject to entry standards and ability of athletes to be competitive, please contact Craig Motley at if you wish to enter.  

Entries to NZ 3000m championships should be completed on the normal ITM entry form – the fields will be split into grades as required based on expected times, depending on the number of entries. Entry subject to Athletics New Zealand championship event criteria. Maximum of 25 in the Championship field.


Open Handicap Events

Open entries will be taken for the Handicap 1 Mile, and the actual entrants selected by random ballot from those received, to fill the field of 16.

Open entries will be taken for the Handicap 100m, with entries selected by the organisers to fill the field of 27.

Entry Criteria:
  • Must be registered athlete (any age – children’s association, masters or with Athletics NZ)
  • Must have at least one track time from this current season (over 800, 1500m or 3000m for Mile entrants, or 100m/200m for 100m entrants) and include all seasons times on entry form (this should get a few out racing over the next couple of weeks)
  • 100m entrants must be capable of sub-13sec.  There is no qualifying time for Mile entrants.
  • Entries close Mon 10th Feb (as for other events) and 16 entrants (Mile) and 27 entrants (100m) will be drawn at random and places notified on website by Tuesday 18th February.
  • Handicapper’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Please enter all events using the entry form under the Athletes tab.