Indicative Entry Standards

2013 Indicative Entry Standards & Automatic Entry Race List
Entry Standard Event
13.00s Handicap 100m – male or female
 Throws Quadrathlon  Contact Craig directly
25.00s – 200m or 57.00s – 400m Women’s 300m
48.00s – 400m or 22.20s 200m Men’s 300m
2:12.00s Women’s 800m
1:52.50s Men’s  A 800m
10:30.0s Women’s 3000m NZ Championships
8.40.00s 3000m or 14.35.00s for 5000m Men’s 3000m NZ Championship
No time required – ballot entry Handicap Mile – Male or Female
Women 5.20m Women’s Long Jump


Equivalent hand times will be accepted (adjusted by 0.24 sec for 100m & 200m)
Note: Attaining the entry standards does not ensure automatic right to compete. Organisers will start the best field possible
Performance conditions required for performances to be listed on the athlete’s entry form
* Only non – wind aided performances will be accepted
* Performances in mixed gender or mixed age group events are accepted
* Performances must be verifiable and achieved during competition meetings
* Time period for performances being from 1st January 2013 to 8th February 2014
* These standards are to be used as guidelines for entrants
* Performance standards are indicative only. Final make-up of field in each event is entirely up to the Meet Director / Local Organising Committee. No correspondence will be entered into.
* Where an event is over subscribed the final field will be made up of athletes with the leading seasons best performances. Athletes not making the final start list will compete in the B event or if space allows be offered a start in a similar event.
* Please contact Craig via with any queries